Refund Policy

What is Refund for?
  1. The User can ask for a refund if they are unable to access the membership because of technical problems with the website or app, don’t received the username, password to log in, made duplicate payments after initial refund request . Then refund request will then go through the authentication procedure.
How to make an application for a refund?
  1.  You can request a refund within 48 hours of your payment. You will be issued the refund for one transaction if you pay for the same membership package twice. In such situation, please kindly contact us via email at Regardless of source or form of payment you used, you will receive your refund in that manner.
  2. Standard time of refund processing is 7 to 10 working days to return to your account after initial request. In case of over 10 working days, please email and call our customer number to discuss further steps.
Limitation of refund?
  1. For any membership package applied or not used by any user for whatever reason, a full refund or a portion of it cannot be issued. Additionally, the member’s registration fees, membership renewal fees, and auto renewal payments are all considered non-refundable.
  2. When communicating with users/staffs on this marriage site, always show respect and good attitudes. Your matrimonial account will be swiftly terminated if we receive a report that it is rude, offensive, dirty, or nasty. A permanent ban without a refund will be imposed for sending abusive/racial message, engaging in any kind of sexual or other harassments, do any activity against Government/Country/religion, constantly pressure for money, ethnical comments, discriminating language, phishing, sending multiple unsolicited message, violence, breaches of someone privacy, and encouraging others to engage in unlawful or immoral behaviour.
  3. You cannot transfer membership plan or request a voucher.
  4. If you request a refund after 48 hours of payments, it will not be considered for refund.
  5. If you request a refund after 48 hours of payments, but still using our service will be applied as a non-refundable.
  6. If (women under 18 and men under 21) are trying to register on here, straight way the profiles will be blocked and will not get refund after verification process in progress. Legal action will be taken against users.
  7. You are not allowed to create your profile on our deen marriage using false photographs of celebrities, prominent figures, or anyone who is not a real member. A permanent ban without compensation may be imposed for any other false information, including wrong names, misrepresentations of actual age, location, religion, weight, height, profession, and education. User profiles that are thought to be false or suspicious will be denied immediately, with a lifetime ban and no refund whatsoever.
  8. Incomplete, unattractive and inaccurate profile will not be considered for refund.
  9. Deen marriage preserves the authority to change or update these refund policy, terms and condition and privacy policy without prior notice.