Privacy Policy

PRIVACY & SECURITY is registered in Holding no. 257, College road, Goyna Ghat, Nabiganj, Habiganj, Bangladesh. Please note will never send any mail to your registered home address and any contact made from us to you is discreet.

Be assured that our service is highly confidential as we know members privacy is of vital importance. The security and protection provided will ensure no one is able to access any of your details. We want to instil integrity and confidence to members in the service we provide. Should you still have any additional questions or queries please do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly.

Privacy Policy

We know trust and integrity is important to our members as they search for a potential life partner. We are committed to making sure these are not broken. We will do this by being transparent in how we collect your data, why it is collected, how and when it is used and your options concerning your data. The Privacy Policy is described in simple and plain terms to ensure members fully and clearly understand what is required of them legally. We have kept jargon to a minimum and kept matters transparent.

  1. WHO ARE WE It is online matrimonial platform to search potential Bride and Groom


The Deen Marriage Privacy Policy is applicable to websites, apps, events and any other services operated by Deen Marriage. To keep it simple, in our Privacy Policy we refer to all of these as our “services”.


It is important that we collect some data about you, to help you create relationships with the people you would like to meet and are interested in. These include profile details and preferences to name but a few.

When using our service, you agree to sharing information with us. These include, but are not limited to;

  • Login in credentials when opening an account with us i.e. date of birth, gender, gender of the partner you are seeking, E-mail address and password.
  • Additional data i.e. height, personality and other interests, marital status, education, occupation, income.
  • Photo and video contents which you may give us access to, through your camera and/or photo album
  • Personal sensitive information e.g. ethnicity, religious sect
  • Paid memberships, subscriptions and/ or purchases (including over the phone, through online platform, iOS and android) means you share certain financial information with us e.g. Bank account, debit or credit card details and home address.
  • Participation in surveys, feedback, reviews and consenting to become a case study, you share your thoughts on our products and services
  • Similarly when participating in events, contests or promotions (online or physically), registration data is collected
  • When contacting the Help or Customer Services team, data will be collected to make sure we help you with your query. It will also help us for our training and monitoring purposes and allow us to improve our services, giving you a better experience
  • As part of our services we process any information/ content shared and the chats you have with other members

Pixel tags. We embed pixel tags (also called web beacons or clear GIFs) on web pages, ads, and emails. These tiny, invisible graphics are used to access cookies and track user activities (such as how many times a page is viewed). We use pixel tags to measure the popularity of our features and services. Ad companies also use pixel tags to measure the number of ads displayed and their performance (such as how many people clicked on an ad).


Without Registration

When you visit our websites, we store the following data by default:

  • IP address (Internet Protocol address) of the accessing computer
  • The website from which you visit us (referrer)
  • The sites that you visit from our website
  • The date and time of your visit
  • The type of browser settings
  • Operating System
  1. With Registration

We only use personally identifiable information that you actively provide to us (e.g. contact information for registration, profile information or photos). In most cases, you can decide which personal information to disclose in your profile and / or in your browsing activity. Personal information essential for contact provision is always classified into mandatory items (e.g. email address) and is always displayed separately so that you know what information you need to enter for the use of the Services and what you can do without it.

  1. Data received from others

At times we may receive information from others about you. For example if a member contacts us about you, any data and information shared will be collected for processing. At times if a user requests us to access their contacts from their phonebook and you happen to be there, then on behalf of the user we may make contact.

  1. Data Collection

By using our services you agree for us to collect data and information such as features used and devices used to access our services and products.

  • Information Usage – activity whilst using our services and how it was used e.g. date and time of log in; features used; searches; clicks; pages chats; messages;
  • Device usage – device(s) used to access our services including:
    • IP address(es); device type and ID; apps: settings and crashes on device used; advertising ID; browser type, language, operating systems, time zones and history; cookies; other methods that may identify your browser or device
    • Wireless and mobile internet connections e.g. provider
    • On sensors e.g. compass
  1. Other permission

Through additional consent we may be able to capture your Geolocation such as latitude and longitude through several ways: GPS, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This data may still be collected if it is running in the background. This is optional and you may decline giving this information.

In addition to this we can collect data of your phonebook (if you would like to us to contact family or friends on your behalf). If you give permission we may also collect photos, images and videos e.g. live video streaming; publishing photos.


The use of cookies and other data collection technology is used to identify you and/ or your device(s) e.g. authentication; preferences and settings; analysing trends and site traffic; targeted advert campaigns. You have control of their use via your browser settings and other tools.

It is important to know that certain web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer) have a DNT (Do Not Track) option that allows a user not to have their activity monitored, therefore a website cannot track activities whilst browsing. Whilst this option is available know that not all have this DNT option and DNT signals are not all the same. Due to these reason many businesses, including Deen Marriage currently do not respond to DNT signals.


The information and data we collect is helped to improve our products and services. It also allows us to help keep you safe as well as run adverts that might interest you. Below are some of the reasons why and how we use your data.

Account Support & Services

  • Creating your profile and managing your account
  • Bespoke customer service and requests
  • Help complete transactions
  • Supporting you through information about our services and products e.g. billing

Connecting with Users

  • Recommendation of other use through analysing your preferences
  • Viewing other users profiles

Streamline Devices

Allow you to link multiple devices in order for you to have good experience on whichever device you choose to use. This is done through linking devices and browsing data e.g. by using the same log in to your account on different devices.

Specific Offers and Adverts

We can provide you with specific offers and adverts to your preference.

  • Administer sweepstakes, competitions, discounts and various other offers
  • Tailor to your interests our services and products on our own sites or others by developing, displaying and tracking content and adverts
  • Reach out to you products or services we think you may like via email, telephone, mobile or social media

Improving Services

  • Run feedback sessions, focus groups and surveys
  • Carry out research and analyse the behaviour of users to enhance our service and content e.g. changing or modifying a feature and gaining feedback
  • Developing and creating new features, services and products e.g. if a user has preference currently not available we may build it in

Illegal Activities & Crime

  • Addressing any and all allegations, online and offline
  • Analysing data develop and design systems to prevent such activities from occurring
  • Store data to detect and prevent fraudulent and criminal activities
  • Comply with all government legislations of Bangladesh including Telecommunications Act 2006, Digital Security Act 2018, Data Protection Act 2021
  • Assisting relevant law enforcements as and when necessary
  • Enforcing and exercising our rights as set out in the Terms

The abovementioned points is only possible due to the following:

  • Our priority is to provide you with quality services and/ or products. To help you build good relationship with others, we use the information you give to look after your account and profile. This then allows us to recommend other users to you based on your preference and share your profile details too.
  • Hobbies and interests are catered for through the information you share. We may suggest offers and services based on your likes and dislike. We also analyse and process information for admin purposes, fraudulent and criminal activities and various other legal reasons.
  • All information given is through your consent. We may request consent for information for a particular reason. You are able to withdraw consent at any time by contacting us directly at the address provided.

Sharing Information

At Deen Marriage our main goal is to help loved ones find that special someone. To do this we have to share user information with other members. At times we share data information with other providers and partners who support us in the running and operation of the services, which may include legal authorities.

The following are also ways which your information is shared with others

  • Other users – disclosing any information on the site, particularly on your public profile. Share what you are comfortable with as members of the public will be able to view this information. You have the option of restricting certain parts of your profile or content. This made available on Settings
  • Corporate Transactions – transference of your data may take place partially or wholly if there is a merger; sale; acquisition; divestiture; restructure; reorganisation; dissolution; bankruptcy or any changes of control or ownership
  • Legal reasons – data information may be shared if needed for prevention of crime e.g. court order, search warrant, government/ law enforcement investigation. Other legal reasons include the safety of other users and members of the public e.g. child abduction, forced marriage, human trafficking, sex slaves, fraud, violent crime, grooming, terrorism.
  • Enforcement of right – we may disclose information you share if necessary e.g. if threatened to be sued/ lawsuit; protecting our company legal rights; protecting our users, partners and interested parties legal rights; if we need to implement our agreement with you; investigation of, prevention any and all illegal activities, suspected fraud or other criminal activities
  • Third parties – before sharing this information with third parties it will be made clear why this data information is needed and you have the right to consent and withdraw consent at any point with valid ID proof.


The information shared may be used with third parties, primarily for the purposes of advertising to create targeted ads and services based on your use of our service and preferences detected. Non personal information may also be shared which does not disclose who you are or any of your personal details specific to you e.g. geolocation, demographic etc. both your personal and non-personal information may be combined into non-human readable formats and shared. For more information see our Cookie Policy. Third Party websites do not operate under the Privacy Policy outlined by us e.g. clicking on an advert on our site that takes you to an external website we do not own. They may solicit and obtain your personal information and track you through your activities and browsing habits which may be at times shared with us. To limit this, you can click your preference on which third party sites can have access to your information. This is usually found at the bottom of our page.


At times the data and information you give us may need to be transferred abroad for our operational purposes e.g. if you move to another country and still wish to access our services and products. We will use approved clauses set out by the country to allow data transference from Bangladesh to other countries. These contractual clauses are binding to protect the privacy and security of your data when having your data and information shared.



  • Tools and access – allows you to access, modify, delete information you have provided us with and which is linked with your account
  • Permissions – for device data and notifications e.g. locations, phone book, push notifications. At any given time you may change the setting to consent or reject notifications on your device(s). Please note, some functions may not run fully if rejected.
  • Account – you can delete your account by using the relevant function on our site
  • Review – some laws may allow you to review the information we hold. You may request it by writing to us
  • Information update – if there any erroneous or incorrect information you would like updating, or you wish for us to no longer hold that information, please contact us by writing
  • Information requests and ID– for safety reasons and that of our users, before requesting any of the above information we may ask you to show proof of identity. All documents received are checked and verified by senior account manager, deleted immediately once approved. Requests may also be rejected for particular reasons e.g. unlawful or illegal purposes; trade secrets; intellectual property; requesting information about another user. To request a message you have received from another member, you must get the consent of that member and they must inform us that they agree to it, before we can release that information to you.
  • Uninstall – there may other instances where we are not able to share information requested. For example once you have fully uninstalled the app, all data collection is stopped. Though this is done the unique identifier linked with the device used will continue to be stored. This then allows you re-store all your previous data, activity and transactions should you decide to re-install the app at a later date.

We take all necessary precautions to ensure your data information is kept safe, you should not expect nor do we promise, that it will constantly remain safe. We will work tirelessly to prevent unauthorised access/ alteration/ disclosure or damage to your data information.

Our system frequently checks for potential cyber-attacks, viruses, vulnerabilities etc. The system is also designed to check data information collection/ storage and processing procedures, in this way it updates the physical, technical and our organisational security systems in place to run the site.

If it is suspected or detected that a user has breached security, part or all of the user’s service may be suspended without notice. If your account has been hacked or someone knows your details, please immediately notify us.


The personal information kept is in line with the laws permitted and for legitimate business reasons.

  • Evidence – evidence for compliance purposes e.g. consent to T&C’s, Privacy Policy etc. are kept for 6 years
  • Resolving issues – if there is an issue, claim and/ or dispute, information is kept until investigation is finished

In line with the Bangladesh law, our service is only for those who are 18 years old or above. We do not allow anyone under the age of 18 to join nor do we intentionally collect their information or data. If you suspect a user is underage, please report them immediately.

We know Islam allows polygamy and it is permitted, our services are designed for Muslims who are single, widowed and/or divorced who are seeking marriage. It is also not a service for dating purposes.


We are always looking to improve and enhance our platform, for this reason our policy may change from time to time.


Deen Marriage, 257, College road, Goyna Ghat, Nabiganj, Habiganj, Bangladesh