Conditions of Approval

All images/contents are subject to our standard approval process. This is to prevent fake, offensive or inappropriate content on the site. You must upload an official ID card that is issued by the Government to approve your profile. For example, Voter ID card, Passport or Driving license. Your contact details cannot be disclosed publicly. The guidelines below give further information.

Profile Picture

This should be a passport-style close-up, cropped image of you. Users who want to, will be able to make private their profile picture for extra security.

Cover Photo

This can be an image of anything you like! A picture of a mountain you climbed, your pet or even an inspiring quote.

Public Photos

Share more of yourself with family or friends, your hobbies or holiday pictures. Group and full length photos are acceptable here.

Private Photos

Similar to Public Photos, you can post more general photos here with the added security of making it private. Sharing it with who you feel comfortable with upon request.

Status Update

Write how you feel or what you’re up to and share with others.

Further guidelines for prohibited images

  1. Fake images of yourself or your family
  2. Individual images of children under 18 years old
  3. The images that breach copyright or you do not have permission to use
  4. Images and texts that have advertisements, weblinks or email addresses
  5. Offensive/ discriminatory images against a person(s) race, religion, background, gender, beliefs or any other preferences
  6. Inappropriate images for the site: sexy, provocative, adult themed, semi nude/ nude, unlawful or un-Islamic
  7. No email, home address or mobile number can be publicly displayed
  8. No political text /image/content
  9. Any content / opinion against government
  10. Any images that breach our T&C’s

Images and content we deem inappropriate and/ or which violate our terms and conditions will be removed at our discretion.