Code of Conduct

Greeting system:

  • Use warm greeting styles

It is polite to start with a warm welcome and to introduce yourself. Let person know who you are. Your introduction should include your name , Your family, Education/ Job, and what you’re looking for in potential spouse.

  • Introduce yourself

The most essential section of your communication is the beginning. It will be the first thing your audience will notice about you. It’s your first opportunity to capture their interest. You want them to trust you and build a relationship right away.

  • Consider your tone

Your tone is important. People like soft and easy going language, so please be conscious of this. 

  • Repeating message

Everyone is busy and there may be a good reason why they cannot reply. Nobody wants repeated messages. Please wait at least 5- 7 days  after sending your first message. Do not send demanding or aggressive messages asking them to respond. If they do not reply, simply move on.

Code of Conduct

We, at Deen Marriage, are committed to providing a high quality and trustworthy service for all of our members. We want every user to receive the optimum experience from their membership.

Our religion teaches us that we should treat others with care, sensitivity, respect and good etiquettes. We therefore highly encourage you to read and understand the Deen Marriage Code of Conduct outlined below. Though they are simple points, they will help maintain the etiquette needed to have a truly good, halal experience both for yourself and for other members of Deen Marriage.

  • Polite

By being polite with others, it will allow you to have an enjoyable and good time communicating with other members. It will create a positive impression on those Deen Marriage members that you contact. This will significantly increase your chances of finding the right partner for you.

  • Respect

It is important to be mindful and respectful of other members on Deen Marriage. Through communicating with other members you may realise you do not agree on certain matters. Everyone has a right to their own opinions, kindly respect them.

  • Honesty

When communicating with others be honest and truthful, it is an integral part of building a relationship. If you are not comfortable answering a question, inform them. You are in control about what you would like to discuss and what information you wish to reveal about yourself.

  • Respond

It is good etiquettes to respond to messages sent to you by other Deen Marriage Members. Be courteous, even to those you may not be interested in and let them know your decision. You never know, by communicating with them you may find you have more in common than you initially thought!

  • Photos

Upload profile photos you are happy with for the public to see. If a member requests to see additional photos only do so if you are comfortable to share it with them.

  • Language

We aim to provide a safe and secure environment for everyone at Deen Marriage. Members who receive offensive or disrespectful messages from other members may report it to the Deen Marriage team. All reports and complaints are taken seriously and kept in strict confidence. Please note, if you wish to use such language your membership benefits may be suspended at

  • Unsolicited Requests

Deen Marriage has a zero tolerance policy against unsolicited requests which may lead to the immediate termination of your membership. Do not send or request unsolicited, nude and/ or offensive photos, videos, images or emoji’s. We want to keep it a safe and halal platform for all members and not cross boundaries.

  1. User Profile

We are open to anyone registering with us to find that special someone, however you must be 18 years old or above, as required by law for the purposes of marriage.

There also a few other things we do not allow which may result in your membership being ended:

  • No inappropriate, rude, aggressive, violent or offensive language
  • No explicit, nude or provocative images
  • No images/ videos of unaccompanied children and pets
  • No blurred, distorted or heavily filtered images
  • No sharing of personal details in profile such as email addresses, social media platform handles, mobile/ telephone numbers
  • No promotion/ soliciting of other businesses and/ or services 

Profile Photo

Make sure you upload a clear photo that is a true likeness of you. There is zero tolerance for the use of nude, pornographic, sexually violent and child images/photos. The use of racially abusive images or photos is also prohibited and may lead to an immediate ban on member benefits.

Profile Description

Be true to yourself and write about yourself honestly. Try not to create an unrealistic version of yourself that cannot be met when you have a face to face meeting. Any profiles that have false details, or a fake profile, will immediately be terminated.

Multiple accounts are not allowed.

Messaging Others

It is important how you write to the people you speak to and how you portray yourself. Here are a few points when writing:

  • Reflect on what you are writing, do not rush and it will help give a positive impression to the other person
  • Try to send individual messages to each person rather than copy and paste the same message to many people
  • It is important to remember: rude, offensive, sexist and racist language will not be tolerated.


It is important to be clear and honest when speaking to other members. You are free to use the different options on the Deen Marriage site and do what you are comfortable with e.g. exchanging photos or having a live chat.

Try to consider how your comments might be received and taken by the person reading it. They do not know you well enough and misunderstandings may occur, especially if you are trying to joke with them. For example they may be offended if you start to joke about their photo and what they are wearing.

We do not allow the following:

  • Foul and abusive language, threats, harassment or stalking
  • Explicit or implicit sexual talk or innuendos – this is against our ethos
  • Appeals for money/gifts or the offer of money/ gifts
  • Fake accounts, deceptions, manipulation, emotional blackmail or coercive behaviours
  • Promotion or solicitation of other businesses/ services

Exchanging Information

It can be exciting speaking to someone new, however do not share your personal details straight away or ask them for their details. Be careful who you share your intimate details with and think to yourself, would you share this information with them in person.

First Meeting

You are ready to meet the person you have been talking to! Here are some advice:

  • Meet them in a public place e.g. coffee shop or restaurant
  • Take family members or a trusted relative with you. Your Mahram is the best person.
  • If you want to talk privately, find a place quiet but a place where you are still visible to your family/ Mahram in case anything happens
  • Be polite and offer to pay at least 50% for the drinks or meal. Do not give the person you are meeting cash directly, but pay money at the counter of the coffee shop/ restaurant.

Ending Communication

It is natural that you may not want to continue talking with a member you are messaging. Kindly let them know. Be polite and respectful. If you do receive a message like this, respect their decision and do not communicate with them any further.


The following is absolutely not allowed:

  • Real time sexual activity
  • Cyber sex
  • Camera sex
  • Phone sex
  • Sharing of images or videos of a sexual nature or content
  • Child sexual activity
  • Animal sex/ bestiality (a person having sex with an animal)
  • Forced marriage
  • Requests for any of the above or to watch any of the above

There is no child marriages (consented or not consented), human trafficking or sex slaves solicitation allowed on this site. 

Membership Termination

  • Physical and verbal intimidation, harm, stalking, threatening and/ or blackmailing will lead to immediate termination.
  • Requests for financial help is not allowed. Please be aware some members may try to con you into giving them money by telling you they have an urgent need e.g. hospital fees, taxi fare, student tuition, funeral costs.
  • Multiple accounts are not permitted and will lead to termination of your accounts. It is up to the discretion of Deen Marriage to allow you to keep one account.

Please note all information and details received by members are verified and checked thoroughly. Any breaches in agreement will result in a warning or termination of account, depending upon our discretion. Legal action in certain circumstances may be undertaken.

 It is important to remember you need to report any matters of concern to the Deen Marriage team e.g. member(s) who are not conducting themselves in a respectable manner with you. Though strives to offer a high quality service, we need the support of our members to ensure we can allow everyone to a successful and amazing experience at


Assalamu alaikum,

Hello, I hope you are keeping well. I find your profile really interesting and think we would be compatible in shaa Allah. 

Could I request you to view my profile and let me know if you feel the same?

In shaa Allah look forward to hearing from you soon.

Warm regards,

[Your name]